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Experimental data access

2022-04-13 15:27

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EAST Data information system provides the following functions including network communication, data storage, data service, integrated display and user management to meet the requirements of EAST continuous operation. The main specifications are listed below:

Core network bandwidth: 40Gbps, access bandwidth: 10Gbps;

Total storage capacity: 3000TB, max data access bandwidth: 10GBytes/s;

The data access services are listed below:

(1)Gate Cluster: user remote login;

(2)CS Cluster: experiment data calculation;

(3)WebScope: experiment data display;

(4)Eastviewer: EAST equilibrium data display (RTEFIT, PEFIT, off-line EFIT);

(5)EASTprofiles:plasma profile data display;

(6)LogBook: experiment log system;

(7)EngData: engineering data access;

(9)EASTVOD: camera and video data access.