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Overall Targets and Research Orientation

Aiming at the forefront of world’s magnetic confinement fusion R&D, ASIPP cooperates with fusion research institutes and laboratories at home and abroad, and conducts fundamental physics and engineering research on advanced tokamak fusion reactors with steady, safe and high performance so that the institute can provide a scientific base for experimental reactor design and construction and provide direct experience for the construction of ITER project, promote the development of plasma physics as well as the related subjects and technologies. The main academic research directions are:

• Challenge of engineering physics posed by steady-state operation of full superconducting tokamak.
• Countermeasures of real-time control and safe operation for approaching the fusion reaction steady-state tokamak operation.
• Exploring the plasma physics associated with high-power steady-state auxiliary heating, especially the behavior of energetic particles.
• Investigation of confinement and transport of plasma for advanced steady- state operation scenarios.
• Research on plasma-wall interaction towards steady-state divertor operationunder all metal wall circumstance.
• R&D of auxiliary heating, diagnostics and control for future fusion reactor.