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Introduction of Vacuum systems on EAST

2021-06-07 11:10

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Vacuum systemsVacuum systems as the basic configuration of the magnetic confinement fusion device mainly includes pumping system, fueling system, wall conditioning, measurement and control, etc., which provide a good vacuum environment, clean wall condition, fuel injection and particle exhaust, and directly affect the quality of the high-temperature plasma.

Fig 1. View of vacuum systems and relative systems of EAST

Main upgrades:

Pumping system: displacement of EAST pumping pipes and backing pumps, improvement of pumping capacity, displacement and upgrades of pumping system of wave heating, reconstruction of vacuum water cooling/gas supply/venting system

Wall conditioning system: GDC and ICRF cleaning systems upgrades

Fueling system: displacement of gas puffing, SMBI and PI systems;add two divertor SMBI systems;add the new injection tubes of PI at the divertor zone

Vacuum control system: displacement of vacuum control system, performance improvement


Distribution of Vacuum systemsMove the pumping tubes from C port to G port,and move the relative backing pumping systems;

Fig 2. Main pumping tubes of EAST

Main parameters The plasma discharge vacuum vessel: provide enough and controllable pumping speed to achieve an ultimate vacuum lower than 1x10-5Pa with impurity content <1% before plasma operation. Cryostat: achieve an ultimate vacuum lower than 1x10-4Pa after magnet cooling down.