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EAST Central Control System

2021-06-07 09:23

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Central Control System


The central control system (CCS) is composed of central console, discharge progress control (DPC), central timing and synchronization (CTS), central safety and interlock (CSI), shot information server (SIS), and integrator, isolation devices .etc accessory hardware.

The central console in EAST control room offers a friendly interface for operators to control remote subsystems during the whole discharge campaign. The DPC focuses on monitoring the logic of discharge and controlling the operation schedule. The shot process is based on the discharge control logic in pulse operation mode. The CTS has been designed with two goals, provides the synchronization clock signals and the pulse sequence. The purpose of CSI is to protect the tokamak machine from accidents and prevent the propagation of the risk from an accident. The SIS offers campaign information for subsystems at the beginning of a new shot. Integrator is an important device in electromagnetic measurement system in tokamak discharge experiment. The remote control integrator (RCI) system and the remote control amplifier (RCA) system compose the EAST signal condition system (SCS). The isolation and drive modules are used to remove ground loops among the different subsystems. All the digital signals and analog signals are isolated by multiple mode optical fiber links.

The database of CCS has been transferred to the experimental database server, which is convenient for unified management and maintenance; Replace the central console to Lenovo all-in-one machine, and optimize the system program; Update the IP address list in SIS. 4 timing nodes which offer 80 trigger channels and 16 referent time-bases are deployed at the southwest, northwest, southeast, northeast diagnostic platform of EAST experiment hall. Increase 50 channel integrators, 100 digital signals isolation channels and 50 analog signal channels.



Control cycle: 1ms.

Scanning time: 1ms, fault respond time: 1ms.

Independent trigger channels: 224, fan-out channels: 60, accuracy 500ns.

 Independent referent time-base: 32.