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EAST Magnetics Diagnostics

2021-06-07 08:50

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Magnetic diagnostics mainly use electromagnetic induction probe to measure the magnetic field, magnetic flux and other signals around the plasma. A large number of plasma parameters can be obtained from magnetic diagnostics signal processing and calculation. It is one of the basic diagnostics of the device.

Figure 1. The diagram of EAST magnetic diagnostics

2. Function

  • Define the plasma equilibrium.
  • For operation, real time control and disruption protection.
  • Understanding of basic plasma behaviors.
  • MHD study (probes, saddle coils)
  • Other transient electromagnetic behaviors

3. Probe types and functions

  • Rogowski coils to measure plasma current
  • Rogowski coils to measure poloidal field current
  • Magnetic probes to measure magnetic field
  • Mirnov coils to measure MHD
  • Flux loops to measure magnetic flux and loop voltage
  • Diamagnetic loops to measure plasma energy and BETAP
  • Rogowski coil to measure HALO current
  • Focs sensor to measure poloidal field current

4. Upgrade information

In 2020-2021,all the probes in vacuum vessel have been upgraded base on the requirement of Internal structural modification.