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Call for EAST proposals 2021

2021-03-03 16:17

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Dear colleagues,

Currently EAST is calling for proposals in EAST campaign 2021. The main topics for EAST campaign 2021 include:

1.Investigation of transport and confinement with dominant electron heating and low momentum input among different RF heating schemes and/or mixture with NBI, aiming improved confinement and higher bootstrap current fraction,

2.Development of steady-state scenarios for long pulse high performance plasma operation (H98>1.2 for >100s) with tungsten divertors,

The physics basis highly related with development of high performance steady-state scenarios is appreciated, including plasma control, scenarios for efficient heating and current drive, divertor heat/particle exhaust, instability mitigation, impurity transport and global particle balance control in long time scale, physics and technologies in supporting of ITER and CFETR operation scenario development.

Please submit your proposal related to these topics. The EAST proposal system is: . Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the campaign schedule, proposals from abroad will need an EAST contact person on site. Please ask your EAST contact person for further detail.

Please notice the following schedule for EAST campaign 2021:

Today-2021.06.13: Proposal submission.

2021.06.14-2021.06.20: Proposals being reviewed and scheduled.

2021.06.21-end of this campaign: Experiments for approved proposals.

One month after the end of this campaign: Experimental report submission for each proposal

Although it is a difficult time for international collaboration, ASIPP is still committed to make EAST a highly open and shared fusion facility to all our colleagues around the world.

Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences