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Product Serialization of large-scale and middle-size helium refrigerator/liquefier

2021-03-01 07:39

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      With the rapid development of cryogenic technology in the scientific research, aerospace, Industrial gases, healthcare, etc., helium refrigerators/ liquefiers have been widely used. Middle-size and large-scale helium refrigerators in the world, are mainly monopolized by Air Liquid and Linde, constraining the development of fundamental research and national economy in China. Based on the engineering and technology of helium cryogenic system from EAST, the researches including the design and integration of large/medium helium refrigerators/liquefiers, the supercritical helium forced flow cooling technology and cryogenic key equipment have been developed. A series of large and medium-sized helium refrigerator/liquefier products has been gradually formed and the 250W@4.5K helium refrigerator/liquefier has been developed successfully in 2020. Moreover, to promote the industrialization application of large-scale and middle-sized helium refrigerator systems and services, a joint venture company between Air Liquid which is the global leader in industry gas and CASIPP is establishing.

The 250W@4.5K helium refrigerator/liquefier