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Achievement of >60 second high poloidal beta high-confinement plasma operation in EAST

2021-03-01 06:30

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        n stably sustained over 60 second with pure radio-frequency heating and ITER-like tungsten advanced divertor configuration. EAST researchers succeeded in achieving this scenario through integrated operation by solving key technical and physics issues such as H&CD at high density, heat and particle fluxes, impurities core-concentration. This scenario shows good plasma confinement with an internal transport barrier in electron temperature profile and a H98y2 factor of ~1.3, well-controlled impurity concentration, peaked heat flux and particle exhausts. Several normalized parameters are close to the design target of the CFETR Phase-III 1GW fusion power operation scenario. The results show the research capability of steady-state operation physics and engineering in the field of magnetic confining fusion of China. The results would strongly support for improving the plasma bootstrutting current and fusion power of ITER and CFETR, and also provide a new way for the high-constrained steady-state operation of the fusion reactor in the future. The results are published in authoritative journals in international fusion research, such as Nuclear Fusion.


Time traces of several key parameters for high poloidal beta H-mode operation over 60 seconds in EAST.

The normalized parameters are close to the design parameters of CFETR